Salesloft Announces ‘Rhythm,’ A Global Revenue Workflow Platform

Published: June 21, 2023

Salesloft, a sales engagement platform, launched Rhythm, an AI-powered revenue workflow platform. Powered by a proprietary, patent-pending AI engine called Conductor AI, Rhythm seeks to translate buyer behavior into prioritized action items for sales teams, with an explanation of why the action is important.

Rhythm is designed to seamlessly integrate with CRMs and other sales and marketing technologies to help maximize seller productivity. Key features of the platform include:

  • Ingesting buyer signals from the Salesloft platform and partner integrations to rank and prioritize the most important actions for sellers; and
  • Learning what actions drive successful outcomes and re-prioritizing workflows in real time based on incoming signals;
  • Adding action items for confirming meetings and following up promptly after a meeting; and
  • Providing sellers with the opportunity to focus on cadence or closing actions.

“Rhythm will transform how every seller in the world works by taking the complexity out of the revenue workflow,” said David Obrand, CEO of Salesloft, in a statement. “Technology has forced sellers to work in a way that doesn’t serve them or their customers, but Rhythm does something that’s never been possible before: It closes that gap between buyers and sellers by bringing buyer signals directly into the seller workflow. This is a paradigm shift that will transform how B2B businesses drive revenue by making it faster, easier and more predictable while also improving the buyer experience.”

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