Sendinblue Launches New Feature To Help Manage Customer Conversations

Published: March 29, 2023

Quick Scoop:

  • Sendinblue unveiled a new chat widget, Conversations.
  • Conversations is designed to manage customer communications across all messaging channels.
  • The new product is available in a “freemium” model.

Sendinblue, a digital marketing platform, released its Conversations chat widget, a new solution designed to help businesses manage customer conversations in one place across all messaging channels, including live chat, chatbots and multichannel inbox.

The chat widget includes integrations with WordPress and Google Tag Manager, amongst others, and can be customized to users’ branding.Users can program Conversations with different scenarios to help automate answers to frequently asked questions and live chat with web visitors directly from their website. The multichannel inbox enables users to receive and reply to all email, live chat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp campaign conversations in a single spot.

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“The digital marketplace demands a solution that removes customer friction points,” said Steffen Schebesta, CEO of North America and VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue, in a statement. “According to Forrester Research,  53% of customers abandon their shopping carts if they can’t find the quick answers while browsing a brand’s website. Conversational marketing is an incredibly valuable tool to deepen relationships with existing customers and immediately respond to new prospects so that intent turns to conversion. This ties back to our growth strategy of being the go-to all-in-one marketing and customer relationship tool.”

Sendinblue is offering a free version of Conversations for users to try that includes unlimited simultaneous conversations, complete conversation history, email chat transcripts, read receipts and typing indicators. For the Pro version, users can access the free functions plus group chats, typing insights, visitor banning, chat ratings, automated chatbot scenarios, targeted messages and triggers, visitor intelligence, reporting and agent productivity.

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