Showpad Launches 3D, AR Features For Sales Enablement Mobile App

Published: July 11, 2018

Showpad, a sales enablement platform, unveiled augmented reality and 3D model capabilities for its iOS app designed to provide an immersive and interactive buying experience.

The app is positioned to use Apple’s ARKit to empower sellers to create 3D models of their product portfolio. The models are designed to show product dimensions and features within a contextual environment. Sellers can then manage the models from within the app and customize follow-up based on buyer interaction.

“We wanted to help our customers with large, complex physical products not only tell prospects about their solutions through great digital content, but also be able to show them through a truly immersive buying experience,” said Louis Jonckheere, CPO and Co-founder of Showpad, in a statement. “Buyers want greater context and more information in their purchase experience and AR enables them to see exactly what they’re getting. Now they can have deeper, more interesting conversations about even the most complex products by seeing them in the context of their own environment.”

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