True Influence Offers 80 Million Verified Contacts To B2B Marketers

Published: June 16, 2021

True Influence, an intent-based data and marketing provider, released the contact data for 80 million domestic and international professionals into its True Influence Marketing Cloud. Previously, this data was only available through True Influence’s managed services.

The True Influence Marketing Cloud was introduced in Aug. 2020 to provide intent signals from customer records to understand the total active market and gain an omnichannel view of individual customers. The new contact data reinforces the Cloud’s offerings by allowing B2B marketers to build their own targeted audiences and extend the value of their campaigns by supplementing leads delivered with similar intent-driven contacts without the use of third-party cookies.

The third-party cookie exclusion follows the industry trend of moving away from the pseudo-intrusive data collection process, with a variety of companies introducing alternate datasets as replacements. Specifically, True Influence’s contact data will enable users to segment and target audiences based on topical interest, buying group and firmographic/demographic information. Customers can use the data to build intent-driven audiences and activate them across adtech channels by overlaying first-party data and ABM audiences, as well as prioritize them based on spiking intent.

In a statement, True Influence CEO Brian Giese explained, “We created our identity graph capabilities without third-party cookies to provide a channel where user engagement can continue while eliminating the struggle that some companies will have as the industry moves away from third-party cookies.”

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