Turtl Partners With WP Engine To Refine Its Digital Experience Platform

Published: May 3, 2020

Turtl, a digital content marketing platform, has signed a deal with digital experience platform WP Engine Inc. to optimize its features, boost ROI and expand its reach in the B2B industry.

The new partnership aims to help WP Enginebecome more cost-efficient by updating its platform’s marketing materials such as white papers, case studies and newsletters, and streamlining advertisement and distribution processes. WP Engine also hopes Turtl’s aid will improve its brand outreach online, on social media and in marketing emails.

Turtl’s Digital First format will also provide the WP Engine marketing department with the ability to create and revise digital experiences in real-time. Their marketing team can measure visitor page conversion rates, interaction rates, read times and an individual’s browsing experience, allowing the team to improve the platform and content based on their customer data.

“We are really excited to be working with WP Engine, a global leader in the digital experience space.” said Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, in an announcement the Turtl website. “In a world where business decisions are driven by data and analytics, it’s vital that marketers can gain actionable insights from their audiences. This not only enables marketers to make better informed decisions when planning new campaigns, but also helps them articulate the effectiveness of marketing internally. And, marketers are really beginning to recognize the value of this.”

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