Vidyard Releases New App For HootSuite

Published: July 25, 2013

Video marketing platform Vidyard has launched a new app for HootSuite within the company’s App Directory. The Vidyard app was created to help address the need for video marketing enablement in social media, according to company representatives.

On the heels of Vidyard’s recent integrations with Eloqua and Marketo, this new HootSuite integration will be another step in helping marketers turn video content into measurable ROI. Using theVidyard app for HootSuite, social marketers can access their entire video library and add video clips to any social post directly within the HootSuite dashboard. Customizable calls to action also can be added to videos to generate leads, run contests, and link to other related assets.

“The new Vidyard app for HootSuite makes it possible for our seven million users, including many of the world’s top brands, to easily manage and distribute their video content to social channels,” said Mark Holder, Director of Partner Integrations at HootSuite. “Additionally, social media marketers can see which channels are driving high traffic, and how users are engaging with each video, allowing them to alter campaigns on the fly for increased performance.”

Vidyard app users also get access to detailed analytics regarding the effectiveness of videos included in social posts. For example, marketers can see how many views and click-throughs specific videos receive, and also can identify viewer attention spans and geographic locations.

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Because Vidyard integrates with key marketing automation systems, marketers also can update their accounts to update team members on who is watching videos and for how long. This real-time tracking helps improve segmentation, scoring and nurturing, company officials noted.

Click here for a short video on this latest feature.



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