ZoomInfo Unveils Industry’s First Business Contact Preference Registry

Published: June 23, 2021

ZoomInfo, a business contact and intelligence platform, launched the Business Contact Preference Registry (BCPR), a global database of opt-out requests processed by ZoomInfo designed to improve buyer preference privatization.

The database aims to help buyers control the types of buyer data provided by ZoomInfo, deciding which customer preferences are available for B2B organizations to see and use and which should be hidden. ZoomInfo will continue building, maintaining and sharing access to the BCPR with other B2B data providers to help address consumer preference concerns and elevate the B2B industry’s privacy standards.

The database’s release follows updates to ZoomInfo’s Workflows solution, which was recently enhanced to help marketers and salespeople automate their day-to-day tasks and scale operations for higher-value marketing initiatives with greater efficiency.

“It’s critical for data-focused companies to prioritize privacy,” said Bubba Nunnery, ZoomInfo’s Sr. Director of Privacy and Public Policy, in a statement. “The BCPR offers businesses a convenient way to prioritize privacy by supplying the entire B2B data industry with a ready-made list of consumer opt-outs. We’re proactively sharing our opt-outs as an invitation to B2B companies to join us in putting privacy first.”

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