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Revenue Strategies


This section highlights news, announcements and advancements in the area of Revenue Performance Management. The B2B market is increasingly subscribing to the “work backwards” approach to predict revenue and better manage the pipeline.

Corporate Visions Launches Online Coaching Platform

CorporateVisions placeitCorporate Visions launched Virtual Coach, a platform designed to provide salespeople with access to stage-specific reinforcement training and skills content from within their CRM system or sales portal.

Virtual Coach intends to provide salespeople with timely, bite-sized pieces of training reinforcement. The platform presents the information to the salesperson in context and aligns it with each selling or buying stage.

Progressive B2B Marketers Take Revenue-Team Approach To Sales Alignment

Sales-Marketing Alignment imageThe benefits of sales and marketing alignment have been well documented over the past several years, but many organizations are still not on board. More than half (58%) of respondents rated their sales and marketing operations alignment as “poor,” according to research from SiriusDecisions.

Progressive B2B organizations are re-defining the sales and marketing relationship by forming “revenue teams” or “demand gen teams” with shared performance goals. “We’ve seen an increase in the revenue team model, where members of the marketing team work with sales toward a joint goal to make their numbers,” said Chris Tratar, VP of Product Marketing at SAVO Group.

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B2B Companies Expand Inside Sales Teams For Efficient, Relevant Lead Follow-Up

insidesalesfeature imageOver the past few years, many B2B organizations have been growing their inside sales teams, spurred by the better conversion rates and lower costs compared to a traditional sales team.

The most recent Inside Sales Market Size Study, conducted by, revealed that inside sales is growing 7.5%, compared to field sales at only 0.5%. In addition, more than half of B2B sales reps (53%) sell remotely. Based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the number of U.S. non-retail inside sales positions is projected to increase by more than 40,000 per year through 2020.

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Alinean Unveils New ROI Measurement Portal

Alinean logoAlinean, a provider of marketing and sales tools for B2B companies, announced the launch of a new online portal with tools and assessments designed to help marketing and sales teams measure ROI.

The free portal, named I Want My ROI, is positioned to help benchmark spending and performance, while also helping boost business development. Assessment, performance and spending benchmarks will be aggregated and constantly refreshed from the community of users to provide accurate insights.

Tellwise Unveils Its Sales Acceleration Platform

tellwise  logoTellwise, a cloud-based sales acceleration technology provider, unveiled a platform designed to automate the sales lead tracking process and enhance engagement between prospective buyers and the sales rep.

The platform, which is integrated with Salesforce, is positioned to combine email, instant messaging, collaboration, and analytics in one location. It is also intended to deliver highly-focused content that relates and resonates with prospective buyers.

Study: B2B Buyers Expect To Make More Purchases Online

forrester generic research imageAs the volume of B2B purchases being made online continues to grow, suppliers are expanding their e-Commerce platforms and overall omnichannel capabilities, according to a new study from Forrester Consulting conducted on behalf of Accenture and hybris software.

The study, titled: Building The B2B Omnichannel Commerce Platform Of The Future, revealed that more than half (52%) of B2B buyers expect to make at least half of their purchases online in three years, highlighting the need for B2B organizations to enhance their omnichannel experience.

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B2B Marketers Measuring Campaign Influence For A Better View Of Buyer Behavior

Campaign-Influence imageAs B2B marketers plan next year’s campaigns, it has become common practice to analyze past campaigns to understand which programs, channels and content are driving pipeline and revenue. However, many B2B marketers still struggle with understanding to what extent individual campaigns have influenced overall buying decisions.

Campaign effectiveness has traditionally been measured by looking at the first and last interaction that the lead had with the company before making a buying decision. As B2B marketers move to a more multi-touch approach, often interactions between the first and last touch go unmeasured.

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