Corporate Visions Releases New Customer Feedback Tool, TruVoice

Published: February 8, 2024

Corporate Visions, a provider of science-backed revenue growth services, released an automated customer feedback platform, TruVoice. The new solution seeks to provide customer success teams with just-in-time coaching based on buyer feedback.

The TruVoice platform was created to help capture and present customer insights and coaching intervention analytics in role-based dashboards to help managers monitor, measure and modify strategies and interventions on specific accounts. Specifically, the solution was designed to:

  • Pinpoint areas of weakness or opportunity in customer relationships;
  • Trigger an alert to the account team that outlines an account’s areas of concern and/or interest; and
  • Serve up relevant coaching content.

“With this automated customer feedback and customer success coaching system, each individual account team member will be shown areas for improvement based on what their customers are saying,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, in a statement. “It’s like a fitness tracker for customer success: Just like a fitness tracker monitors your physical activities, helps you identify areas for improvement and provides personalized recommendations, this system tracks customer experience, uncovers gaps based on customer feedback and offers tailored training to optimize results.”

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