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DGR286 2024 State Of AccountBasedStrategies 042024 LP Header

Promoting Customer-Centricity & Streamlined Messaging By Evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions

The 2024 State Of Marketing Automation Automation might make the marketing world go ‘round, but it’s…


Increased Tech Adoption & Data Reliance Re-Shaping 2024 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Processes

As marketing measurement and attribution techniques evolve into more data- and technology-driven processes, 38% of…

DGR Navu Web 052024 feature

Cutting Through The Clutter

How To Harness A Simpler Approach To Personalization   Between curating customer data, piecing together…

DGR283 2024 Navigating Attention Economy 042524 LP Header

Navigating The Attention Economy Via Snack-able & Shareable Content

The 2024 Content Preferences Benchmark Survey Independent, collaborative and communicative are the three primary adjectives…

DGR286 2024 State Of AccountBasedStrategies 042024 LP Header

Mastering The Trio: How To Sync Sales, Marketing & Data For Account-Based Success

“State Of” Series When discussing the modern buyer, it’s tough not to sound like a…

DGR 2024 State Of GrowthMarketing 042024 LP

Propelling Growth Marketing Via Data Analytics, Brand Consistency & Integrated Campaigns

“State Of” Series Experimentation is key to innovation — and with 90% of B2B buyers…

DGR DG320 SURV Channel 03 2024 LP header

Channel/Partner Marketing Benchmark Survey

Budgets On The Rise, Partner Programs Increasing While there’s still an undercurrent of economic uncertainty,…

DGR DG280 WW DemandGeneration 032024 LP header

What’s Working In Demand Generation In 2024

Practitioners Revamping ABM & Content Strategies With A GTM & Personalization Focus Marketers, take a…

Screenshot 2024 03 11 at 7.49.09 AM

10 Ways To Use AI In The Sales Process

RAIN Group recently surveyed more than 250 sales leaders, managers, enablement professionals, and sellers to…

DGR DG275 SURV BenchmarkSurvey 03 2024 lp header NEW

2024 Demand Generation Benchmark Survey: The Renaissance Of ABM & Urgent Adoption Of Intent Data

Demand generation strategies are no longer just teetering on the precipice of change: They’re fully…

e86906e12a3fef9e4711edb82783796e XL

2024 State Of Intent-Driven Strategies

Illuminating Account Insights Through First-Party Data & Intent Layering Intent and signal data are nearly…


The Difference Between Micro- & Nano-Influencers

Recent research found that 86% of B2B organizations are using influencers to help build brand credibility,…

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