CXO Conversations: Drift CMO Emphasizes The Benefits Of Conversational Marketing On Revenue Strategies

Published: October 8, 2020

Conversational marketing has come a long way since its inception, and it has evolved into a strategy that goes beyond just a simple chat widget on a company’s website. In fact, experts agree that it is both beneficial for marketing and sales, as the two organizations work to drive more revenue for their companies.

In this episode of CXO Conversations, Tricia Gellman, CMO of Drift, makes a case for conversational marketing and sales, and shares a variety of use cases and real-world examples of B2B organizations doing it successfully. Gellman sat down with host Klaudia Tirico to discuss:

  • The evolution of conversational marketing and sales;
  • Using technology to engage and connect with more people to better qualify leads;
  • How marketers and sales representatives are leveraging conversational marketing beyond the basics; and
  • Why CMOs need to step up and be a peer to sales and take accountability for revenue; and
  • Why revenue isn’t just about new business growth, but also about renewal and expansion.

“The idea of delivering leads is an antiquated idea,” said Gellman. “And in today’s day and age — especially when everything is digital — marketers need to think about not how they are generating leads, but how those leads convert and how they are helping to drive revenue for the company.”

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