CXO Conversations: Seismic VP Of Inclusion Outlines How DE&I Programs Can Improve Branding

Published: August 18, 2021

Welcome back to Demand Gen Report’s CXO Conversations, a video interview seriesthat provides our audience with insider access to C-suite executives from some of the top B2B brands, as well as the hottest companies in the martech community.

This episode features a deep dive into B2B marketing culture, as Host Klaudia Tiricosits down with Donna DeBerry, VP of Global Inclusion at Seismic, to discuss the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives within B2B organizations. Inthis conversation, the pair go into detail about how companies can foster a diverse company culture, where DE&I initiatives have fallen short and what the individual can do to help create a diverse room of thought.

Creating an inclusive company culture is no easy feat, but organizations that place their focus on educating their employees (at every level) can have more genuine conversations and explore how they can make the workplace more diverse. In particular, Tirico and Deberry explore:

  • Challenges minority employees face in the B2B space, and how companies can build a more inclusive culture to alleviate them;
  • How employee feedback can help organizations improve the employee experience;
  • The importance of conscious action and meaningful conversations with underrepresented groups; and
  • How building an inclusive internal culture reflects on a brand’s appearance toprospects and potential employees.
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