CXO Conversations: TrustRadius Founder & CEO Shares Importance Of Using Review Sites To Fuel Marketing Efforts

Published: October 22, 2020

Demand Gen Report research shows that one of the first resources used by buyers to help them inform purchasing decisions are review sites. In fact, review sites (41%) are right behind web search (53%) as the first places people go to research a new solution. But, are marketers taking advantage of review sites to fuel their campaigns?

In this episode of CXO Conversations, Vinay Bhagat, Founder & CEO of TrustRadius, sits down with host Klaudia Tirico to discuss:

  • How companies are relying on review sites to fuel their demand gen efforts;
  • The content marketing opportunities that can come from user reviews and feedback; and
  • Examples of unique ways B2B organizations are using review sites to develop authentic marketing campaigns.

“The engagement from having a review carousel where you have sound bites of reviews from maybe 20 to 30 reviewers, which a buyer can self-serve and scroll between, tends to create a lot more engagement and a lot more interest than just putting a bunch of brand logos on an information page,” said Bhagat. “The reality is that while many tech companies are proud of the great brands they work with, many of the buyers who visit them may not be from such a large, prominent brand. They may be from a mid-market company or an SMB … they may be from a particular vertical. And what they’re really looking for is: Does this company, does this product work with people like me?”

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