Dreamforce 2011 Video Coverage

Published: September 21, 2011

Joe Payne, CEO, Eloqua

Fresh off Eloqua’s IPO filing, CEO Joe Payne shared more details about how the company, a Titanium Dreamforce sponsor, is focused on how to use social profiling on a macro level, as well as how segmenting can help increase campaign efficiency. Payne delved deeper into the new products announced at the show, including Revenue Suite and Social Suite.

Umberto Milletti, CEO, InsideView

On the heels of a Series C funding announcement, InsideView CEO Umberto Milletti shared more details about the company’s product development plans, as well as the important of bringing social information to customer-facing employees. In addition, Milletti shared details about the InsideView for CRM solution, which was launched at the show. Milletti also shares why operating on CRM systems alone is no longer enough.

Adam Needles, Chief Strategy Officer, Left Brain DGA

On the heels of releasing the book “Balancing The Demand Gen Equation,” Left Brain DGA Chief Strategy Officer Adam Needles shared some of the key market challenges driven by Buyer 2.0, and how marketers can scale engagements with prospects. Additionally, Needles detailed the nuances of independent, savvy buyers and the new framework that BtoB organizations need to implement to compete and win in an increasingly buyer-driven market.

Sam Weber, CEO, Genius.com

Live from the “Genius Lab,” CEO Sam Weber shares more about the company’s “back to the future” approach as part of launching “The New Genius.” Weber explains Genius’ success in the freemium market, as the company has progressed to more than 2,500 freemium accounts, in addition to 500 paying customers.

Ryan Allis, CEO, iContact

After iContact has reached the 1 million-user mark, CEO Ryan Allis explained the launch of the company’s Integrated iContact for Salesforce application, which enables marketers to create one central platform for email and social media marketing in one space. Additionally, Allis shared more about iContact free edition, a free web app that can capacitate up to 500 subscribers for email marketing.

Mike Volpe, CMO, Hubspot

After HubSpot staked its claim in the Guiness Book of World Records for world’s largest online webcast, CMO Mike Volpe shared details about the company’s “Marketing Fact Versus Fantasy” campaign, as well as an analytics-driven iPad application for web site grading. Volpe also shared more details about its recent round of funding, as well as the acquisitions of oneforty and Performable.

Raghu Raghavan, CEO, Act-On Software

After a busy quarter with a $10 million funding round and the addition of more than 130 customers, Act-On Software CEO Raghu Raghavan shared more about the company’s featured announcement called HotProspect, which enables marketers to prioritize leads based on behavioral tracking. Additionally, Raghavan explained how the company will capitalize on its acquisition of Marketbright.

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