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Equipping Your Sales Team For Peak Performance With Mobile-Enabled & Integrated Sales Resources


According to IDC, 57% of customers feel that salespeople are poorly prepared, or not prepared, for initial meetings, and they lack the resources to personalize the sales conversation. Progressive companies know that the next generation of sales enablement requires a mobilized platform for an always-on selling environment.

In this webinar, Emily Shorter (MicroStrategy), Joe Galvin (Miller Heiman) and Andrew Gaffney (Demand Gen Report) will drive the conversation about the coming wave of tools and technologies.

The topics will include:

  • How to maximize data and resources through an integrated, holistic view of prospects.
  • Mobilizing the CRM and other sales resources to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • What’s next in sales enablement




EShorterEmily Shorter
Product Marketing, Mobile,

JGalvinJoe Galvin,
Chief Research Officer
Miller Heiman

Andrew Gaffney
Demand Gen Report


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