6Sense Aims To Help Marketers Unlock Buyer Intent

Published: August 19, 2019

16senseSS6sense is designed to shine a light on the buying journey. The account-based orchestration platform positions revenue teams to gain buyer insights, so they can generate more opportunities, increase deal size, compete and win more often.


6sense intends to highlight the account-based buying journey by providing insight into what prospective accounts are doing from early-stage interest on third-party websites, all the way down to interactions with late-stage marketing content.

The solution is positioned to capture intent signals from every known and anonymous source and connects them all to prospective accounts to provide complete insight into the buying journey and accurately predict when accounts are in market. The platform then enables revenue teams to orchestrate “SmartPlays” using custom audiences based on any activity across any channel to orchestrate multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns.


The 6sense real-time company identity API allows 6sense users to connect with all major CRM and MAP systems, along with virtually any web, chatbot or content platform to create unique experiences and drive new levels of personalization.

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The solution is a SaaS annual subscription-based platform with ABM fundamentals, including data enrichment, lead-to-account matching, lookalike modeling, unlimited intent data and company ID for website de-anonymization. It also provides the ability to create and analyze targeted segments.

Additional add-on capabilities and activation channels include predictive modeling, account-based digital advertising, marketing automation and seller insights.


Customers include Dell, Domo, Cisco, Motorola, NetApp, Symantec, Tableau and more.


6sense’s patented technology is built to analyze changes in intent at a massive scale, scoring over a quarter billion accounts and people every day. The solution is positioned for account-based revenue teams to predict, with confidence, where any account is in its buying journey and focus efforts on those that are in-market. 


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