Aqfer Offers Data Lake Solution To Manage Enterprise Marketing Data

Published: June 24, 2019

Aqfer aims to enable system integrators and managed service providers (MSP) to deploy customized marketing data lake solutions for companies with diverse and specific needs. The Aqfer approach is designed to make it easier to handle the large-scale complexity of modern ad tech and martech data management, as well as allow channel providers to focus on integration and customization issues that create enterprise value.


From digital interaction instrumentation, data collection, identity management and collaboration to complex integration and collation, the Aqfer SaaS platform is positioned to maintain client-specific data lakes that are ready for consumption. This is done through analytic and engagement applications that are bundled with facilities for real-time and bulk distribution and compliance management.

The platform aims to deliver the potential of big data and the promise of a CDP. It is positioned to give users an environment to host and unify all data from multiple sources, ease integration with data providers and ad-serving/analytics platforms and build on a robust suite of APIs to create your own applications.


Aqfer is designed to grant CMOs and CTOs a new level of certainty about their data and access to data they couldn’t reach before. The primary audience consists of agencies, MSPs and system integrators seeking assistance with clients.

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The solution is positioned to integrate with data vendors, ad-serving platforms, DSPs and analytics/measurement companies such as DoubleClick, LiveRamp, Adobe and more.


The pricing model is based on a fixed monthly subscription price, which includes data hosting, the Aqfer solution suite of marketing data management tools and managed services.


Aqfer aims to offer a collection of services and APIs that solve common big data problems in martech and ad tech, along with intelligent digital data collection and customer identification. This combined with adaptable customer identity management and real-time access to customer data and decisions positions Aqfer to stay ahead of the market.


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