Campaigns By Pipedrive Aims To Optimize Email Marketing

Published: August 15, 2022

Pipedrive, a CRM revenue management platform, released Campaigns by Pipedrive, a new tool designed to provide users with a centralized place to manage their email marketing campaigns. The company aims to give customers a chance to better meet business goals and objectives across teams on the same platform.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Features of Campaigns by Pipedrive include a singular platform to support sales and marketing teams with lead generation, CRM and email marketing. Other features include customizable email templates based on performance and a drag-n-drop campaign builder that is sent to sales contacts along with targeting options.

The insights functionality aims to provide real-time audience/campaign engagement reports. Email marketing automation will be available later in the summer to help set up fully automated lead qualification flows and customer relationship nurturing sequences.

Who It’s For

Campaigns by Pipedrive seeks to help companies manage marketing campaigns while bringing sales and marketing teams onto one revenue management platform.

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What It Solves

Campaigns by Pipedrive aims to address the gap and need in the market today for integration of sales and marketing. This platform seeks to provide teams with the tools they need to align their business targets to drive revenue for the whole business.

What Makes It Special

Pipedrive believes organizations’ bottom lines are more important than ever before – especially as businesses are faced with an economic downturn – and companies are always looking for ways to optimize their business and reduce costs. This platform aims to bring sales and marketing teams seamlessly onto one revenue management platform.



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