Gradient Works Launches AI-Based Account Prioritization Software For Sales Teams

Published: October 17, 2023

Gradient Works is a seed-stage company that makes software to help B2B sales teams drive pipeline with a hyper-efficient account coverage model called dynamic books.

The Lowdown

Market Map is a new AI-based software that is designed to enable B2B sales teams to intelligently refine their ideal customer profile (ICP) and take a data-backed approach to selecting target accounts. More specifically, it automates market research, identifies unique industry segments and quantifies prospects’ similarity to existing customers so sales teams can target the right accounts at the right time.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Market Map offers a new approach to account prioritization by using the power of generative AI and proprietary machine learning algorithms to improve account scoring and enhance industry classification. Unlike existing data enrichment tools that rely on predetermined industry categories, Market Map analyzes how all the accounts in an organization’s CRM describe their unique products, services and markets publicly, scores each company across thousands of dimensions and then quantifies and clusters accounts based on their similarities. This analysis delivers new levels of actionable industry segmentation.

The software then scores and ranks each prospect account based on how similar it is to the existing customers a company defines as most valuable for more precise account targeting. The result is a visualization of market clusters and a similarity graph that shows which prospects are nearly identical to a company’s best customers.

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Who It’s For

Market Map is built for B2B sales teams at mid-sized to enterprise companies who need to quickly identify high-potential prospects in their own CRM that are similar to their best existing customers.

What It Solves

Market Map aims to solve the challenge of selecting and distributing the right accounts to sales reps. Sales teams have the AI-powered intelligence needed to accurately refine their ICP and quickly prioritize the highest potential accounts. Market Map is designed to deliver a hyper-relevant view of prospects, along with a quantified score of how similar each prospect is to an organization’s best customers. This not only instills rep confidence knowing they’re pursuing accounts that have quantified similarity to existing customers, but it also drives efficiency as teams no longer have to waste quota capacity focusing on the wrong accounts.

What Makes It Special

According to the company, Market Map is the industry’s first application of large language models to identify an ideal customer definition through unique industry segmentation. The software is designed to form a contextual understanding of a target market, identify natural market segments and reveal the prospect accounts that most closely match an end-user’s most successful customers.

This level of insight gives sales and marketing teams unprecedented visibility into which accounts to prioritize. Using Market Map, sales teams have the intelligence needed to get a realistic view of their ICP and tailor go-to-market efforts to nuanced groups of similar accounts where they’ve had demonstrated success.


Gradient Works

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