HubSpot Introduces Content Strategy Tool

Published: September 25, 2017

HubSpot Content Strategy is a tool designed to help marketers adapt their content creation to the way modern search engines and modern buyers work today. Through creating, optimizing and measuring topic-based content, the tool aims to enable businesses to build sustainable organic traffic that generates more traffic, with less content.


HubSpot Content Strategy is an SEO and content tool with an integrated growth methodology. As a result, the platform has several unique features, including:

  1. Organize Content Into Topic Clusters – Designed to help marketers organize their content process into topics and adapt to the way modern search words.
  2. Content Recommendations – Content Strategy can recommend content ideas that marketers should create based on topics and subtopics.
  3. Content Optimization – The tool aims to help marketers optimize individual pieces of content and the overall structure of an entire topic cluster. This involves surfacing optimization advice for thin content, low-quality inbound links, lack of links between a subtopic and pillar page and more.
  4. Track The ROI Of Your Content – Content Strategy is designed to help marketers see how many leads and customers are being generated from each topic cluster so they can track the ROI of their content creation and overall strategy.


HubSpot Content Strategy is built for modern marketers in broad market businesses that focus on lead generation as a priority.


The tool is part of the overall HubSpot Marketing Platform and is integrated with all of HubSpot’s content creation tools, such as blogging, landing pages, website and more. In addition, HubSpot also has a CRM that automatically integrates and can connect to other CRMs, such as Salesforce.

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HubSpot Content Strategy is a part of the Marketing Platform’s Basic, Professional and Enterprise versions. There is no additional fee to utilize this new functionality.

HubSpot is a fully cloud-hosted software as a service product.


Townsend Security, for example, has seen a 55% increase in traffic and 80% growth in new leads as a result of using HubSpot Content Strategy.

In addition, IDS Agency, an inbound marketing, inbound sales and growth agency in Santiago, Chile, has seen a 67% growth in organic traffic and 100% growth in leads.


The market for SEO and content tools is a crowded space. That said, HubSpot Content Strategy is the first tool to integrate a proven growth methodology with an SEO tool for individual marketers and marketing teams.

Many SEO tools provide keyword-based recommendations but do not fundamentally tell marketers how that recommendation fits into their overall strategy, like HubSpot Content Strategy.


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