LeadRx Releases Cross-Channel Podcast Attribution Tool

Published: September 21, 2020

Podcast Attribution by LeadsRx, a marketing attribution platform, is a multitouch, cross-channel attribution solution designed to incorporate real-time podcast advertising data alongside other advertising mediums.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

LeadsRx Podcast Attribution positions marketers to collect advertising data across multiple channels to the performance of their podcast ads and track a buyer’s journey. The solution then compares it to the other data from TV, radio or digital ads to measure their performance against the podcast ad campaign.

The multichannel data identifies buyers by IP addresses, timestamp, episode ID and ad ID, allowing marketers to attribute the signal back to the podcast advertising campaign and provide them with optimization insights to improve their podcast ad campaigns.

Who It’s For

The solution is designed for companies that advertise their products and services, and the agencies that support them.

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What Makes It Special

LeadsRx Podcast Attribution is designed to run simultaneously alongside other ad campaigns in other channels, allowing marketers to compare the performance of their campaigns in those respective mediums.


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