LinkedIn’s Relationship Explorer Aims To Streamline Selling Processes With Account Data

Published: July 3, 2023

LinkedIn Sales Solutions (LSS) leverages the power of LinkedIn, the company’s professional network of more than 900 million members, empowering every salesperson to put buyers first. Its portfolio of solutions leverages people-powered data and insights so sales organizations can focus on accounts with the most opportunity and develop relationships with buyers at scale. LinkedIn Sales Insights is designed to help sales operations plan smarter, while Sales Navigator helps sales teams target, understand and engage people and accounts needed to bring plans to life seamlessly.

The Lowdown

LinkedIn’s Relationship Explorer is a feature within Sales Navigator that is designed to surface data-driven recommendations about the top eight decision makers at an account so sellers can find the best path in or a potential hidden ally. 

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Relationship Explorer aims to save sellers time on researching leads and contacts by identifying up to eight of the top decision makers Sales Navigator has identified as a potential pathway or hidden ally based on the target customer profile, Personas.

Personas is an adjacent feature that allows sellers to identify the right leads based on job title, function, seniority and geography, and use that information to surface unique insights, such as a recent job change or past experience with their product, so sellers can better understand the connection point that helps them get a foot in the door.

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Who It’s For

The feature is catered to sellers globally who are tasked with delivering more return with less resources and want to optimize leveraging warm leads rather than irrelevant “shadow selling.” With Relationship Explorer, sellers streamline researching optimal entry points into an account to focus on the tasks driving revenue.

What It Solves

Relationship Explorer is designed to streamline sales cycles by offering sellers a more comprehensive understanding of which individuals at an account are most likely to engage with them and, more importantly, why, whether being a past colleague or even a past customer.

What Makes It Special

Relationship Explorer leverages LinkedIn’s Deep Sales technology consisting of first-party data from more than 900 million professional profiles. This enables sellers to laser in on prospects most likely to take a meeting based on their persona and connection.


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