SAVO Group Announces Update To Sales Enablement Software

Published: August 28, 2012

There’s no doubt that sales and marketing organizations are embracing mobile technology. As this week’s Demand Gen Report feature story points out, best-in-class field sales organizations are far more likely to adopt mobile tools, and they’re also more likely to integrate these tools with a wider range of business activities.

It’s against this background that SAVO Group is introducing some significant updates to its sales enablement software suite. The current series of apps, which are designed for the iPad, iPhone, Android, RIM BlackBerry and Kindle Fire platforms, are designed to give field sales reps access to relevant content, sales coaching, subject matter experts and sales best practices.

According to a SAVO Group news release, its product update focuses on three key areas:

Guided Selling. Sales reps are prompted by the application to answer basic questions about a particular selling situation. In response, the application delivers the most appropriate content and subject matter experts for that situation.

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Multimedia. The application offers improved video streaming capabilities, including the ability to adjust the streaming bitrates to suit a user’s bandwidth.

Pushed Asset Kits. The SAVO Group enables sales and marketing teams to create packets of information designed specifically for campaigns, product launches and other key initiatives. The Pushed Asset Kits feature gives field sales reps immediate access to these asset collections, which are kept automatically up to date.

“Simply having access to anything and everything on a mobile device is not going to make your sellers more successful,” said Dan Schleifer, Senior Director of Marketing at SAVO.  “By situationally pushing the right assets, information and subject matter experts, mapped to your sales process, SAVO Mobile drives higher levels of sales performance.

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