ScribbleLive Launches AI-Powered Content And Marketing Intelligence Solution

Published: October 8, 2018

TrendHub, a cloud-based, AI-powered content and market intelligence solution from ScribbleLive, is designed to monitor content, topics and keywords to gain deeper insights on buyer and market trends. Powered in part by IBM Watson, TrendHub aims to help users discover emerging trends, identify key influencers and provide valuable market insights.


TrendHub is designed to help inform content strategy, demand generation planning, competitive positioning and sales interactions with prospective customers.

Some of the solution’s features include the ability to:

  • Discover popular and trending content to inform content strategy, discover industry influencers and leverage key hashtags;
  • Give sales and customer teams real-time insights to better engage with customers and prospects;
  • Predict emerging competitive trends and industry dynamics to make better, more informed decisions; and
  • Identify key influencers and advocates for social engagement and influencer marketing initiatives.

TrendHub can also be embedded as an iframe into any website/microsite or Intranet and is mobile-optimized.

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TrendHub can be used by marketers to gain market, industry and competitive intel that can inform communication and content strategies, product launches, demand generation and other go-to-market planning.

Sales teams can use TrendHub to inform conversations and interactions with their prospects, and to monitor their prospects’, customers’ and competitors’ latest news and other market/industry dynamics that might fuel their conversations.


TrendHub can be integrated with customer CRM systems for customer data and profiling and single sign-on. TrendHub content and social data can be exported in CSV format and integrated into back-end systems.


TrendHub is licensed and priced on a per ‘hub’ basis, allowing for wide distribution and unlimited access compared with per-user pricing models. TrendHub also offers tiered-discount pricing for mass scaling across large organizations.


Edelman PR has a large deployment of TrendHub, and ScribbleLive is also using TrendHub internally.


Compared with SEO, social listening and other content marketing platform planning tools, TrendHub is:

  • Predictive, real-time data and market insights versus retrospective, historical data analytics;
  • Embeddable and accessible on any webpage by sales and marketing teams vs. dashboard application accessible exclusively by social listening analysts; and
  • Actionable and collaborative platform (social sharing, email, social replies and follows) vs. static line graphs and PDF reports.


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