Skyword Unveils Holistic Solution For Content Planning, Execution And Optimization

Published: July 9, 2018

Skyword360, a content marketing platform, aims to provide marketing leaders a 360-degree view of their content strategies and operations. It is designed to enable marketers to plan, execute and optimize their content strategies across multiple audiences, campaigns, channels, regions and divisions.


Skyword360’s user interface is designed for easy navigation between a bird’s eye view of an enterprise-wide content strategy and detailed views of content workflows and production. The platform aims to incorporate all of the essential activities within a content-centric marketing model, including strategize, plan, create, collect, activate, personalize and optimize.

The solution is designed to help marketers strategize by enabling them to record their audience or persona insights and map interactions throughout the buyer journey. The planning element of the platform allows marketers to view content that is being created for specific personas and stages across all campaigns, channels, regions and divisions. Marketers can then create, collect, activate and personalize content experiences.

The platform is also designed to help marketers measure and share content performance through customizable dashboards, email performance snapshots and reporting tools for optimization.

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Skyword360 is positioned to help CMOs, VPs of Marketing and Directors of Marketing gain visibility across the enterprise. Marketing Managers, Content Marketing Managers, Social Media Managers, PR teams and more can also use the platform to create, review and activate their content, all while collaborating with each other to ensure consistency in messaging and strategy.


While Skyword360 does not currently have integration points to CRM and ERP systems, it is designed for extensive integrations with publishing systems, including WordPress, Drupal, AEM and more. It can also integrate with SEM Rush, Google Analytics and marketing automation platforms for data collection.


Skyword360 is a subscription-based SaaS platform. Pricing is based on the enterprise-wide needs of customers.


Skyword360 empowers clients such as Anthem, Colgate, HP, IBM, Mastercard, KeyBank, Meredith, Royal Caribbean and Samsung. 


The Skyword360 platform is designed to combine enterprise-wide visibility and planning with original content creation, distribution and optimization capabilities that fuel channels, divisions and regions throughout the world.


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