SurveyMonkey Industry Tracker Monitors B2B Market Shifts To Inform Strategy Planning

Published: June 14, 2021

The new Industry Tracker solution from SurveyMonkey is designed to directly arm users with proprietary data insights into changing key demographics and market shifts for improved strategic planning and business investments.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Industry Tracker enables businesses to track proprietary data and other data sets simultaneously to identify shifting trends in various B2B industries, providing real-time insights to help users develop marketing strategies in response to market shifts. Users can track emerging markets, macro industry trends and shifting buyer preferences, then organize the insights into customizable, interactive graphics for simplified data analysis.

The solution is also designed to help users gain a tactical advantage in the market. Users can track actions in the competitive landscape to provide insight into competitors’ responses to industry trends and plan out their response to get ahead of the competition.

Who It’s For

The solution is designed for strategy, research, marketing and finance professionals looking to leverage multiple datasets to inform their strategy planning and investments.

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What Makes It Special

Industry Tracker leverages AI-powered technology to quickly surface valuable insights and help users become more proactive in their market response. Users can also access SurveyMonkey’s Expert Solutions team to dig into the data insights for improved data analysis.



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