Versium Launches Open-Source Data Modeling Tools To Predict Marketing Performance

Published: February 28, 2023

Versium is a data technology company that is designed to enable B2B and B2C marketers to better identify, understand and reach their ideal prospects across multiple digital touch points and marketing channels. Versium’s proprietary data assets include more than two billion contact points and more than two trillion insights attributes, creating a rich B2B2C identity graph and data technology platform that empowers marketers to win customers.

 The Lowdown

As part of its initiative to make data tools more accessible to marketers, Versium expanded its suite of open-source tools to help companies identify and reach the right audience and improve marketing campaign performance.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

This latest set of open-source tools – powered by Versium’s best-in-class audience insights engine – is designed to enable developers, data scientists and marketers to create models to better predict which prospects and customers are most likely to convert.

On the heels of launching a set of open-source tools that simplify high performance data processing, Versium has added the following new solutions:

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  • Versium Model Builder, which integrates with Versium’s insights data set to enhance first-party audience data and improve predictive power, fills in the blanks where attributes are lacking, automatically creates models and surfaces insights to enable personalized messaging.
  • Versium Record Scorer, which aims to execute a score for each contact on how likely they are to convert, to improve targeting toward prospects most likely to purchase or engage.

Who It’s For

The solution is for developers, data scientists and marketers.

What Makes It Special

The launch of Versium’s Model Builder is the next step in the company’s mission to help marketers extract the maximum value from their data with the biggest impact.



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