Versium REACH Aims To Help Marketers Better Identify ICPs

Published: August 24, 2020

Data technology and predictive analytics solutions provider Versium launched its Versium REACH platform to provide marketers with matching technology that helps them identify, understand and target their ideal customers across multiple platforms.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Versium REACH aims to help marketers create custom, data-enhanced marketing audiences for paid social and display advertising campaigns by matching them with professional and non-professional contact points that align with their ICP. The platform’s identity matching interface is designed to allow users to create account-based audiences, persona-based audiences, online audiences and more, formatting those accounts to boost their match rates via their advertising platforms.

The solution also provides demographic and firmographic data on their custom audiences, aiming to help marketers improve their current audience targeting in an omnichannel approach.

Who It’s For

The platform is designed for B2B marketers and agencies that run paid social or display advertising campaigns.

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What Makes It Special

Versium REACH aims to provide contact points that help B2B marketers and agencies improve their match rates, allowing marketers to reach their custom audiences more efficiently through their advertising platforms and enabling an omnichannel approach.



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