ZoomInfo Launches New Tracker Feature To Empower Users To Maintain Valuable Relationships

Published: March 15, 2022

ZoomInfo is a provider of modern go-to-market software, data and intelligence for more than 25,000 companies worldwide. The company’s revenue operating system, RevOS, is designed to empower B2B sales, marketing, operations and recruiting professionals to hit their numbers by pairing best-in-class technology with unrivaled data coverage, accuracy and depth of company and contact information.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

While ZoomInfo has tracked job changes for decades, the launch of  Tracker intends to put automated software into the hands of sales teams, enabling them to keep tabs on thousands of key buyers and account champions as they move to new positions and organizations. The feature is designed to notify sellers when decision-makers enter and exit their accounts so they can be proactive in their engagement with the right message at the right time.

Who It’s For

With Tracker pinpointing where key buyers with pre-existing relationships have landed, sales reps can act quickly on new opportunities.

What It Solves

Sales teams currently have limited visibility into personnel movement, and are often relegated to a painstaking, inaccurate — and potentially off-putting — method of tracking their buyers’ movement on social media.

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What Makes It Special

Often, the first rep to contact a buyer in their new role wins the contract. Tracker is designed to help sales act first by engaging these contacts within the first 90 days, converting warm leads into new business, on top of reps keeping the incumbent account under contract.


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