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LeadLife Releases 2nd Generation Of Marketing Automation Solution

LeadLife Solutions recently announced the release of its second-generation marketing automation product, a new technology with a web…

Industry News November 2
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The Real Cost of Legacy Marketing Practices

By Lisa Cramer, President and Co-Founder of LeadLife Solutions It's a challenging time from a sales and marketing…

Industry News September 7
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Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide: Action Items for Success

By Lisa Cramer, Co-Founder & President, LeadLife Solutions It's the age-old battle within any organization – Sales versus…

Industry News January 25
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Tips for Better BtoB Targeting to Foster “Sales-Ready” Opportunities

By Lisa Cramer, President & Co-Founder, LeadLife Solutions When nurturing leads, your content should be directly related to…

Demanding Views June 8
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Two Essential Steps To Qualify Leads In An Unqualified World

By Lisa Cramer, President, LeadLife SolutionsThe statistics are overwhelming. The volume of leads or inquiries that come to…

Demanding Views June 29
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