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Content Marketing

Content marketing is continuously evolving as new channels, formats and strategies emerge. This section covers the formats and tactics for effectively engaging target audiences. Provides Design Automation For Non-Designers understands the rules of good design. Through design automation, the solution enables users to add content to their slides and watch them automatically adapt to brand style. Instead of burning time lining up arrows or moving around text boxes, users can focus on the story they’re telling through their…

Uberflip Named WordPress VIP Technology Partner

Uberflip, a content experience platform (CEP), became the first CEP endorsed by WordPress’s enterprise-level CMS platform WordPress VIP. The company will join WordPress VIP’s Technology Partnership program, which seeks to enhance digital experiences by integrating solutions such as analytics, CRMs and E-commerce platforms.

Casted Launches New Features Designed To Amplify Written Content

Casted, an amplified marketing platform, enhanced its Casted Themes offering with a new ‘Written Content’ feature. Casted Themes is designed to help content marketers plan, execute and analyze their strategies and provide a 360-degree view of content across audio, video and text in one place.

Mindtickle Generated More Than $2.2M In Pipeline In Under 8 Weeks With Account-Based Experience

When Paige Gerber joined sales readiness platform Mindtickle as Director of Demand Generation, the company was just starting to implement a new buyer experience solution called Hushly to create personalized experiences for visitors to their content hub. But when Hushly innovated its offerings and released an Account-Based Experience functionality, Mindtickle…

Buzzworthy B2B: The Latest News & Trends From December 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome back to Demand Gen Report’s blog series: Buzzworthy B2B. We’ve spent the past month watching the latest news and hottest trends in the industry and curated the top research statistics, financial news, personnel changes and more to keep you in the loop. Check out all the latest happenings in the B2B space throughout December 2021 below!
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