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Content Marketing

Content marketing is continuously evolving as new channels, formats and strategies emerge. This section covers the formats and tactics for effectively engaging target audiences.

Demandbase Debuts New ABM Platform Following Engagio Acquisition

ABM platform Demandbase has launched its newest solution Demandbase One, designed to help B2B revenue teams prioritize and engage target accounts across various channels for higher deal win-rates. The launch comes just a few months after Demandbase acquired Engagio, bringing two big ABM players together.

Sitecore Content Hub Aims To Help Manage Content Creation & Distribution

Sitecore, a customer experience management company, aims to support marketers’ strategy, planning, creation, management and collaboration efforts with version 3.4 of its SaaS platform, Sitecore Content Hub. The solution is designed to help organizations improve their internal content creation and distribution workflows in digital channels.

3 Ways To Create Effective Video Content For Buyer Engagement

Video content is on the rise in the current B2B world, with many marketers implementing videos into their buyer outreach strategies, ABM plays and more, to engage with buyers in the digital age. With this surge in video usage, it’s only natural that innovative or tech-savvy marketers would want to…
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