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Adobe Announces Release Of Social Marketing Software Suite

Adobe Systems
on yesterday announced the public availability of Adobe Social, the company's new social marketing software suite. Adobe Social, which was announced for beta testing last March, is the latest component in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

Adobe Social is intended to provide a single platform for managing social campaigns, content delivery, monitoring and analytics. This includes:

  • Delivering targeted content for publication Twitter, Facebook and Google+ via a drag-and-drop interface;
  • Importing analytics data from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and blog platforms;
  • Creating contests, forms and other interactive marketing content;
  • Identifying social media influencers and engaging them with personalized content;
  • Integrated tools for creating and publishing sponsored stories on Facebook;
  • Cross-posting content to multiple social networks.

Adobe Social will include technology acquired from the company's purchase of advertising management platform Efficient Frontier in November, 2011, and Facebook social marketing platform Context Optional in June, 2011.

In general terms, the Adobe Social offering has a lot in common with Buddy Media, which was acquired by earlier this year. It also represents a major new addition to the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, which is rapidly evolving into an integrated platform for managing content marketing, multichannel campaign management, marketing analytics and other key functions.

"The solu­tion gives mar­keters the best and most com­plete set of action­able data avail­able to cap­ture a com­plete snap­shot of busi­ness, and how social plays a role in brand uplift, con­ver­sion, rev­enue, etc. This is another solu­tion we are proud to offer our customers," said Brad Rencher, Adobe SVP of the company's Digital Marketing Business division in a blog post published earlier this week.

"With Adobe Social as the newest mem­ber of the Adobe Dig­i­tal Mar­ket­ing Suite, our cus­tomers have the abil­ity to do deep analy­sis, rich cus­tomer seg­men­ta­tion and act on social intel­li­gence across the cus­tomer jour­ney, and across chan­nels and devices," Rencher continued. "With it, we empower social to drive real busi­ness impact and rev­enue as social breaks out of its silo and becomes a key piece of a brand’s dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing mix."