Content Strategies

Relevant, targeted content is critical to engage prospects. This section highlights various messaging tactics throughout the buying cycle.

4 Tips To Better Holiday Messaging And Campaigns

The holiday season is the time of the year when B2B marketers must ignore their product-centric habits when engaging with prospective customers. As the last few vacation days are being scheduled and teams hunker down to meet year-end goals, it’s going to be much harder to draw their attention. However, there ismuch B2B marketers can learn from some of the core holiday traditions.

4 Ways To Prioritize Topics On Your Content Calendar

Lack of a consistent content marketing strategy often leads to B2B marketing teams creating rushed, low-value assets that only saturate buyers' journeys. However, a coordinated content calendar can streamline production, all while focusing on the topics that matter most to potential customers. This infographic from Vertical Measures highlights four key…

Surviving In An Attention Economy

B2B buyers are inundated with information and busier than ever, so how can marketers earn their attention? This infographic from LookBookHQ highlights the amount of noise your prospective buyers are succumbing to daily, while also providing tips on how you can win their attention back and make the most out…

Video Storytelling Humanizes B2B Content

B2B content today does not engage buyers or deliver value. That was the bold assertion made by Laura Ramos, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, in her keynote remarks at Vidyard’s Viewtopia conference in San Francisco in November.
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