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Marketo Launches Social Marketing Automation Solution

this week launched Marketo Social Marketing, a suite of social marketing automation products including Marketo Social Boost, Marketo Social Promotions, and Social Data analysis. The suite is aimed at helping marketers to identify key influencers using social media services.

The company announced the launch this week at the Marketo User Summit in San Francisco. “We are in an incredible, worldwide business shift, with digital and social media at its core,” said Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez during the opening keynote. “The buyer is in control. Marketing and selling must now adapt.”

The announcement comes in the wake of Marketo's acquisition last month of social marketing startup Crowd Factory, which provided much of the underlying technology included in the Marketo Social Marketing suite.

Out-Of-The-Box Demand Gen: Turning Blog Commenters Into Your Next Customers

By Neil Sequeira, Director Client Operations, ReadyContacts

Social media marketing has made its presence felt over the last year or two and has caught the attention of several large companies. Whether it’s publishing a company blog, creating pages on Facebook and LinkedIn or having key executives stay active on Twitter, several well established companies have joined the social media marketing bandwagon to interact with the online world.

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