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Top Quotes From #B2BMX 2022

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As the Arizona sun set on the final day of the B2B Marketing Exchange (#B2BMX), close to 1,000 B2B marketers walked away with more knowledge than they could have hoped for. We combined the hottest insights from our all-star line-up of speakers, and it’s our pleasure to share them now with you!

“Corporate ESG is increasingly not just nice to do, it’s a must do. We’ve always felt doing good was the right thing to do, and we’ve got empirical evidence that doing good is good for your business.“ --Cheryl Cook, Dell Technologies

“Large companies have a lot of teams. You need to cross-collaborate to make campaigns happen. We all have our pieces, but every piece matters, and no one piece is more important than the other. Think about the experiences you can deliver together.” — Amisha Gandhi, Tipalti

“To build and scale ABX, find your sales champions and let sales sell to sales. Make sure sales knows they have a seat at the table and get their insights. ABM or ABX can’t work unless we do it together; the sales team’s feedback is just important as marketing’s metrics.” Jen Leaver, Bazaarvoice

“The brain makes decisions based on what it remembers, not what it forgets. Memory fuels decision making. When you control people’s attention and create a memory, you increase the chances of decisions being made in your favor. As communicators, we can choreograph attention and memory.” Carmen Simon, Corporate Visions

“What value can you bring to your audience, and what goals do you want to achieve with this event? Those should be the first questions you ask before deciding on the format that will best deliver upon value and goals.” — Aleksandra Panyukhina, ParcelLab

“Every B2B marketer tells themselves the same lie: Buyers are just too busy to engage with our content. It’s not that they don’t have the time; it’s that it’s not worth their time. You have to be radically relevant.” — Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

“Account blindness — the inability to know what’s really happening with an account — is creating an epidemic of spam. If account blindness is the problem, the answer is account intelligence.” — Jon Miller, Demandbase

“Knowledge enablement isn’t just about enabling sellers. Ninety-eight percent of organizations that exceed goals enable all their key buyer- and customer-facing roles. To maximize the impact of interactions, use enablement to close each role’s knowledge gaps.” — Barry Vasudevan, Forrester

“There are many more channels than most of us realize, but most marketers default to website and email. Widen the lens a bit. Take the widest lens you can and be systematic; use existing buyer data  and your organizational capabilities to whittle the list of channels down.”  Alisa Groocock, Agent3

“To support sales outreach, think in terms of steps the sales team is going to take, and proactively think of the content they need at each step.” — Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit

“Use your voice as a marketer. Even though sales execs know a lot about the customer, never underestimate the value of what you as marketers know and what you can bring to the table.” — Juliet Randall, Salesforce

“The first step to writing SEO content people want to read is understanding why you’re creating this content and specifically who you’re writing this content for. Knowing that will help you produce better content.” — Adi Pick, Atera

“Now that every touchpoint has some level of digital, marketing has been called to sit at the table. We’re in the spotlight, and we have a huge opportunity to lead the conversation.” Luxy Thuraisingam, Cisco

“The level of connection that candidate feels with the hiring manager is the most important thing—it’s the No. 1 reason people are taking jobs. If there’s one thing Covid-19 taught us, it’s that the job is secondary.” Wes Lieser, Versique