#COSeries21 Preview: B2B Marketers Adopt New Priorities For Global Digital Marketing Campaigns

Published: April 28, 2021

With B2B continuing to live and thrive in the digital space, marketers are hunting for new ways to engage their virtual buyers and audiences. As a result, marketers are seriously considering new tools and tactics to revamp their campaigns and reach their target buyers in an engaging and satisfying manner.

The 2021 Campaign Optimization Series, hosted by Demand Gen Report, will put a spotlight on how modern marketers are renewing their focus on high-touch engagement strategies that reach buyers at their key accounts. It will also explore new ways to blend those strategies with digital initiatives to help organizations remain relevant in the digital age.

This year’s virtual event will feature multiple sessions from B2B vendors, practitioners, influencers and experts that explore how marketers have successfully navigated digital marketing, and where they plan to take their strategies going forward into 2021. Some of the topics they will explore during the #COSeries include ABM, experience-driven marketing, global marketing, martech, data-driven strategies and more!

Account-Based Experiences Take Center Stage

With many companies doubling down on ABM, marketing teams are exploring new approaches to the typical ABM formula to drive account engagement and move buyers through their journeys.

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One session from Demandbase titled, “Evolve your B2B Go-to-Market Strategy with Account-Based Experience (ABX),” will explore marketing leaders’ new focus on creating ABM experiences designed for specific accounts at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The session will also discuss how aligning go-to-market strategies with various stages of the buyer’s journey drives engagement and revenue.

Marketing leaders are also reevaluating how their ABM strategies can adapt to the cookie-less world, which has impacted their ABM programs’ ability to target and engage accounts. In Triblio‘s session, “ABM Campaigns in a Post-Cookie World,” CEO Andre Yee will highlight the importance of proofing ABM programs impacted by the loss of third-party cookie data. Yee will also discuss some of the new technology and initiatives marketers can use to help future-proof their ABM strategies and campaigns.

Additional ABM-focused sessions will include:

  • “Optimizing Optimization: Why Up Leveling Your ABM Means More Than Engagement” with RollWorks; and
  • “Top 3 Ways To Architect Micro-targeted Buyer Journeys At Scale, Featuring Qlik” with Folloze.

B2B Campaigns Go Global, And Digital Marketers With Them

Marketers are scaling their marketing campaigns for the global stage and are looking to be more precise when marketing to global accounts.

In a session from Integrate titled, “Building A Global Demand With Precision At Scale,” Leslie Alore, Global VP of Growth Marketing at Ivanti will join Integrate’s Scott Vaughan to explore the importance of organizational and new data models to create precise, impactful global marketing campaigns. Alore will dive deep into how Ivanti’s journey with precise demand marketing strategies has allowed them to drive leads and overhaul management.

Another session from MRP titled, “5 ABM Strategies That Foster Human Connections At A Global Scale,” will spotlight some of the new tactics enterprise B2B marketers are leveraging to improve their scalability. The session will explore how changing target lists and shifting roles of marketers are key factors to consider when scaling global marketing campaigns, and how savvy marketers leverage new tools and personalized content to overhaul their global go-to-market strategies.

Additional sessions involving digital B2B on a global scale will include:

  • “The Power Of Meal-Based Marketing In The Digital Era” with Grubhub;
  • “How To Win In The Era Of Human-to-Human Engagement” with Sendoso; and
  • “Increase Campaign ROI With Conversational Marketing” with Drift.

Leveraging Content & Data For More Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Content and data have always been essential for B2B marketing, but marketers are now looking for new ways to leverage content and data in their go-to-market campaigns to improve not only engagement but pipeline and ROI as well.

In a session from SurveyMonkey, titled “Standing Out Using Data-Backed Customer Engagement Strategies,” Chris Dalton, Program Manager of Customer Stories, will explain how customer feedback data can help marketers personalize their engagement and empathize with buyers’ needs. The session will also explore a previous conversation Dalton had with Corrina Owens, Director of Marketing at Profisee, to discuss the importance of maintaining a holistic view of the buyer’s journey through data.

On the content side, a session from Vidyard, titled “Watch This! Insanely Creative Ideas For Engaging Key Accounts With 1:1 Personalized Videos” will highlight how video content can be used to engage buyers at key accounts. The session will explore the power of 1:1 video content, and how customized video content help marketers improve their campaign engagement while improving their marketing automation.

There will also be additional sessions based around content marketing and data-driven strategies, including:

  • “Using Purchase Formulas To Build The Perfect Inbound Pipeline” with MarketingProfs;
  • “Best-Selling Content: Storytelling Frameworks That Crush Engagement KPIs With Key Accounts” with Content4Demand;
  • “The Importance Of Data Across The Customer Lifecycle: How To Ensure Your Data Helps You Cultivate Engagement Throughout The Funnel” with Validity; and
  • “The New Marketing Imperative: Audience-First & Experience-Driven” with ON24.

Watch all of these sessions and more live on May 10-14 to learn about all the new digital initiatives and strategies marketers are using to overhaul their marketing campaigns in 2021. Register for the Campaign Optimization Series here and you could even score a free lunch!

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