Ladies, Let Your Voice Be Heard

Published: May 24, 2023

Being responsible for an entire conference content agenda is intimidating, to say the least. After all, people pay good money to attend an event and I, for one, always want to give them all the bang for their buck.

I’ve also given myself another important responsibility: Diversifying my agenda. All too often in B2B marketing, brilliant men take the stage… and they’re often white. Most deserve it: They are great speakers; they have an awesome story to tell, and they engage the audience. But women and people of color deserve a chance to shine, too! So, I always make an effort to give everyone a spot on my stage.

With all that said, I recently stumbled upon a new program from Women in Revenue (WIR), an organization that aims to elevate, highlight and encourage future female leaders. It’s an awesome community of more than 7K members, especially for women in B2B marketing and tech. Their newest program is all about supporting women with speaker skill training, personal branding and visibility for thought leadership and career advancement. The Speakers Bureau Program is the perfect opportunity to elevate your personal brand and help you build a speaker bio that allows you to shine anywhere — that includes live events, virtual events and even sales calls!

Specifically, here is what the WIR Speakers Bureau offers members. (Did I mention membership is free?!)

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  • Training and education via small group seminars to master classes and workshops;
  • Presentation practice sessions and expert feedback;
  • Support and templates to help women build their speaker bios and portfolios; and
  • An official Women in Revenue speaker certification.

I’m excited to be a member of WIR and work directly with their board to provide members speaking opportunities for Demand Gen Report’s events. In fact, we’re partnering with WIR to host a panel of women at the B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange this summer! The session is titled “Top 5 Challenges For Women In Revenue Roles” and the panel, moderated by WIR’s own Hana Jacover, will address:

  • Career challenges for women in revenue;
  • What women in revenue roles value most in an employer;
  • Spotlight on compensation;
  • How to attract and retain women in sales, marketing, RevOps and customer success;
  • How to increase women in leadership revenue roles; and
  • How allies can help.

I also want to spotlight another #B2BSMX breakout session hosted by Jacover, titled: “The Productivity Playbook: Unlocking Time Management & Prioritization Secrets.” Jack over will take the stage to offer practical strategies and tools to enhance productivity and energy and optimize time management. Drawing from scientific research and expert insights, you’ll walk away with tips to help you regain control of your time, increase focus and achieve peak performance. We hope to see you there! Grab your ticket with an Early Bird rate to save some cash, too!

Become a member of WIR by signing up here and diving into all the awesome benefits they have to offer women, including the Speakers Bureau. There are some fabulous workshops happening this summer that you won’t want to miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the training, education and support you need to own any stage… even sales calls.

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