The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Innovative Examples Of How Content Can Be Re-Wrapped

Published: November 21, 2018

You’ve likely heard the analogy about how using all of the parts of your leftover Thanksgiving turkey can be applied to your content marketing strategy. NewsCred just published a timely blog on the topic, properly crediting Rebecca Lieb for demonstrating how creative uses of long-form content can be easily spun into shorter, derivative assets. 

Keeping with the timely, seasonal topic, I wanted to highlight some interesting approaches our sister division, Content4Demand, recently produced that prove content can be “the gift that keeps on giving.”

That tagline was originally used for an ad campaign for the Kodak Instamatic 18 Camera, reminding consumers that one picture could be enjoyed over and over. Content4Demand utilized this idea in two very different formats, which hopefully can provide some inspiration for other B2B marketers.

First, Content4Demand used a webinar session during our recent Strategy & Planning Series to showcase a case study with Christine Elliott, Global Leader of Content Strategy and Operations at JLL.

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One of the sharpest and hardest working B2B marketers I’ve had the pleasure to work with, Elliot shared insights on how her team worked with Content4Demand on a five-step content audit process around their comprehensive Future of Work campaign.

By evaluating content based on its creation date (age), quality and coverage (of audiences, buying cycle), Elliott showed how the company was able to flag quality issues, and more importantly, identify gaps where new content was needed to address key industries, themes and stages of the buying cycle.

Factoring in an “evergreen score,” Elliott pointed out that JLL was able to identify opportunities for repurposing content to support specific regions or campaigns.

Elliott specifically called out other ways this approach to content has been a gift that keeps on giving:

  • Identifying content for ABM nurture paths;
  • Leveraging the results to educate the business on the importance of audience-centric content;
  • Driving tagging architecture for new sales enablement platforms; and
  • Utilizing data to identify content placement opportunities.

In another approach to creatively repackaging content, Content4Demand rolled out its holiday marketing calendar, which officially goes live on November 26. Created on the Ceros platform, the interactive asset reveals a series of different tips, guides and quick reference content marketers will find interesting as they crank through the last few weeks of the year.

If you have time after coming down from your turkey hangover, check out both of these assets. In addition, please share any other examples you’ve created or come across that demonstrate the power to keep gifting and re-gifting content in creative and relevant ways in the comments below.

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