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Executing Account-Based Marketing Plays: Four Steps To Success

Taking an account-based approach to customer acquisition isn’t simply a marketing initiative —it’s a business strategy that crosses multiple teams and tactics. To put it simply, the more developed your account-based strategy is, the more involved other teams in the organization become. This allows you to deploy more robust sales…

Why Machine Learning Matters To B2B Companies

B2C companies use machine learning for a wide range of use cases ranging from personalized recommendations, intelligent chatbots and hyperlocal advertising, just to name a few. While the number of B2C companies using machine learning is skyrocketing, adoption by B2B companies has yet to take off. It’s time for B2B companies to…

Selling New Products Is A Matter Of Will Or Skill

Many chief sales officers (CSOs) struggle to get their sellers to effectively and productively sell new products. It may seem like the problem is caused by sales development issues or a lack of cross-selling opportunities, but those are only symptoms of the problem. Assuming the issue is not the product…

5 Must-Do’s On Your Personalization Journey

When you’re looking to buy something, which situation do you prefer? Getting instantly accessible information that’s specific to your needs and decision-making process or sifting through an amalgamation of random content and items? It’s a no-brainer, right?

How GDPR Can Help Marketers Overcome Common Data Challenges

The challenges marketers face today regarding data have not changed. We still need to collect and leverage data to generate demand. GDPR forces companies to examine their approach to data collection and comply with the rules or suffer the consequences. Considering the privacy controversies currently surrounding Facebook and Google, one…
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