Are You Ready For Lifecycle Marketing? Find Out With Five Questions

By Troy Burk, CEO and Founder of Right On Interactive

Burk-headshotAs marketers plan for 2013, many will be figuring out how they can economize, yet again, next year. Only 15 percent of companies plan to budget more for marketing in 2013, while 21 percent plan to scale back, according to the CMO Council.

Increasingly, marketers are looking for more efficient ways to identify and convert ideal prospects into customers, while nurturing current customer relationships so they buy more and become a source of referrals.

The Age Of The Informed Marketer: Are You In?

troy-headshotBy Troy Burk, CEO & Founder, Right On Interactive

In the past 10 years, no job has changed as much as the marketer’s. The rise and fall of various social media channels, the influx of consumer-generated content, the exponential growth of accessible data, and the availability of technology tools and solutions for marketers cal for a new kind of marketer – what I like to call the “Informed Marketer.”

5 Steps to Increased Customer Engagement

By Troy Burk, Founder & CEO, Right On Interactive

troy-headshotOrganizations are always looking for ways to decrease costs and increase sales. The key to achieving these goals is not blasting your database with “nurturing” emails, or your sales team making ‘X’ number of cold calls in a day; rather, it’s encouraging meaningful engagement with your prospects and customers. The problem is, while many companies go to great lengths to educate and engage their prospects, many more fail to recognize that their most valuable asset is right in front of them: the customer.

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