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CallidusCloud Bolsters Sales Collaboration Offerings With $7.5 Million Badgeville Acquisition

1calidusCallidus Software, a cloud-based marketing, sales and customer experience solution provider, has acquired the technology assets of enterprise gamification company Badgeville for $7.5 million in an all-cash deal. Callidus said it intends to integrate Badgeville’s customer engagement, employee collaboration and performance management solutions into its configure-price-quote (CPQ) offering.

More Twitter To Love Or Hate?

1blogtwtterTwitter is considering upping its character limit from 140 to 10,000, a move that has sparked a heated debate. Some think it will ruin the social media platform, while others think the change is long overdue.

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Trustpilot Offers Solutions To Generate Customer Reviews For B2B Companies

1trustpilot1Trustpilot is a review community that aims to build trust and transparency between businesses and customers. More than 72 million consumers read and leave reviews at to make smarter buying decisions, and more than 120,000 businesses use Trustpilot’s software to engage with customers, proactively collect and manage feedback, drive traffic and boost conversions while improving services and building their reputation.

Walker’s Customer Intelligence Platform

Walker placeitWalker is a customer intelligence technology and consulting firm offering solutions designed to help B2B marketers achieve their business objectives through predictive analytics, surveys and consultation.


The company’s CX platform positions marketers to identify, address and improve customer experiences to:

  • Achieve higher growth rates;
  • Attain higher levels of customer retention;
  • Differentiate their offering; and
  • Boost employee engagement.


Walker is compatible with Salesforce.


Click here to contact Walker for a consultation request.


Walker intends to provide insight to help marketers have a better understanding of their current market position and develop more effective strategies going forward.

The solution positions users to grow a customer base that is loyal and more profitable.

Walker offers solutions aimed at increasing customer retention, improving growth rates, pinpointing key process improvements and managing strategic accounts.


Walker Headquarters
301 Pennsylvania Parkway
Indianapolis, IN 46280

B2B Marketers Leverage The Marketing Cloud To Personalize Engagement

MarketingCloudFeature imageFollowing several years of hype and some debate over competing concepts, the marketing cloud is becoming a reality. Companies such as PR Newswire are seeing an increase in leads and engagement through the integration of marketing activities under the marketing cloud.

Personalization is among the key benefits of marketing clouds, as they offer B2B marketers the ability to collect data on how prospects are interacting with the company through their buying journey. Marketers can track and access prospect insights from a central location, where the data can be leveraged for a range of marketing activities.

The Future Of Digital Engagement: 10 Thought Leaders Share Predictions For 2014

Shadow LivePerson EBK Future of Digital EngagementThe future of digital engagement involves connecting with customers through a multitude of channels.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that businesses are present and accessible throughout the entire decision-making journey and across all channels. In doing so, companies can increase conversions, average order values and customer satisfaction ratings while decreasing support costs.

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