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LinkedIn Launches Messaging-Based Ads


LinkedIn has launched Conversation Ads, a new marketing tool designed to personalize viewers’ experiences with a messaging-based ad format. Conversation Ads builds on the company’s current Message Ads offering (formerly Sponsored InMail) and features a “choose your own path” experience designed to help marketers create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized calls-to-action, according to the company.

Clearbit Unveils Data-Driven Platform For Marketing, Sales Teams

Clearbit, a data-tools provider for B2B companies, launched Clearbit X, a data-enabled growth engine designed to help companies improve customer communications with digital marketing and demand generation tools. With a focus on assisting data-driven growth needs of B2B companies, the platform aims to helps sales and marketing teams enrich interactions with first- and third-party data and bring data together to enhance the entire lead lifecycle.

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