BlueWhale Research Launches Digital Programmatic Display & Social Audience Solution

Published: February 5, 2024

BlueWhale Research, Inc., a provider of demand generation services to B2B technology organizations, expanded its product portfolio through the launch of AUDIENCE. The new release seeks to help marketers access niche audience segments and more precisely refine their targeting strategies.

AUDIENCE is designed to leverage a combination of job roles, functions, firmographics and specialized technology intelligence, such as past purchases and installs, through BlueWhale’s partnership with HG Insights to create highly customized campaigns. To help users rely on their existing advertising infrastructure, BlueWhale also invested in third-party audience integration tools. 

“Our tradition of and commitment to delivering tangible ROI for our demand generation customers is constant, reliable and very well-known,” said James Oberhausen, President and General Manager of BlueWhale Research, in a statement. “With the launch of AUDIENCE, we are delighted to offer more opportunities for our clients and agency partners to enjoy the dedicated service and positive outcomes that are characteristic of BlueWhale’s offerings. Digital advertising teams are a new focus for us in our customer base and agency partnerships. Our attention to this important and complex function in marketing and broader go-to-market organizations promises to deliver tremendous value for everyone in 2024 and beyond.”

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