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INFUSEmedia’s Lead Cascade Solution Aims To Optimize Lead Generation

INFUSEmedia, a demand generation engine, has launched its Lead Cascade solution, designed to allow marketers to fill all stages of their funnel with qualified leads.


Lead Cascade aims to generate bottom-of-the-funnel leads at different levels through criteria or custom questions created by the user, generating leads that meet their business’ qualifications at any stage. Users are positioned to engage with and educate the right prospects early on, add more leads to their nurturing program and allow prospects to jump-the-line earlier.

The solution also allows users to set aside leads that do not match a business’ current qualifications, serving as potential prospects in the future.


Lead Cascade is designed for high-tech businesses that have an ICP or ABM list, sells complex solutions that require audience education and/or have a lengthy sales cycle


Lead Cascade intends to help marketers turn their current prospects into advocates of their brand and keep them engaged until they are ready to make a purchasing decision.


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#COSeries Recap: Empathy, ABM & Data-Driven Digital Campaigns Become Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality

With in-person engagement on hold this spring and possibly into summer, B2B marketers continue to pivot their strategies to make up for lost leads, maintain relationships with clients and attract new business. These new challenges present an opportunity for marketers to dig deep and come up with innovative ways to engage with prospects and customers.

PX Launches Lead-To-Call Tracking Service

PX, a leads and sales optimization platform, has launched Lead to Call Tracking, designed to help marketers measure the actual time of response from the instant a consumer submits a form and the time it takes their call center to begin outreach. Additionally, marketers can benchmark this data to see how they perform in true response time.

Content Marketing & Demand Gen: Make The Synergy, Make The Sale

Paul Heald Headshot

Content is king at the moment. But if an engaging webinar, white paper or video appears and hardly anyone sees it, what’s the point?

Although content creation and demand generation teams share the goal of attracting customers and boosting sales, they work in distinct ways. Demand gen staffers work closely with sales teams, focusing on understanding and winning over the audience they’re trying to reach at any given time. Content marketers often take a longer view, telling their brand’s story through an ongoing narrative guided by their company’s overarching product strategy.  

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