3 Tips And Tricks For Creating More Impactful & Personalized Campaigns

Andrea Tucker HeadshotDriven by new data, tools and technologies, the state of B2B marketing segmentation and personalization has reached an inflection point. Gone are the days where B2B marketers relied on basic, descriptive data like demographics and location to define marketing segments — a far cry from the much more sophisticated and multi-layered approach to segmentation and personalization used by B2C marketers.

Survey: More Marketers Expected To Embrace Big Data in 2014

ITS Logo wTagAccording to a survey from Infogroup Targeting Solutions (ITS), nine out of 10 marketers plan on investing in Big Data solutions and 54% have already done so.

Conducted at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2013 Annual Conference, the survey polled nearly 400 mid-and upper-level marketing professionals on their plans for 2014, attitudes toward technology adoption and budget considerations. Of those who have already invested in Big Data, a majority (85%) are already seeing returns. By contrast, 33% who described themselves as “uncertain” about the role of Big Data estimate that they will invest in five years or more.

B2B Marketers Struggle With Data Quality, NetProspex Report Finds

NetprospexNetProspex, a provider of B2B data services, released its B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report, which found inaccuracies or missing data in a sizeable number of the more than 100 million marketing records it examined.

“What we found is that there is room for improvement in all functional areas,” said Michael Bird, President of NetProspex. “Marketing data is like crude oil. It has to be refined to be useful.”

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