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Chetu Launches Service Aimed To Help Users Streamline Existing Software

Chetu, a software development and support service company, has launched Custom Software Solutions, a contracting service designed for businesses to personalize their internal software for compatibility with their workflow and to promote their brand identity.


Chetu’s coding and marketing developers work directly with buyers to craft a solution that meets the user’s desired criteria, helping to find the most beneficial changes for their CRMs and other tools.

The service provides new, fully coded off-the-shelves software based on a user’s preferences and needs, allowing for seamless integration of their existing platforms. The service also offers the option to modify the buyer’s already existing software, reformatting their system for personalized integrations/software.

Other features of the software include:

  • Business security;
  • Maintenance and support; and
  • Personalized and cost-effective independence from developers.


The solution is compatible with large and small-scale organizations in a vertical market.


Custom Software Solutions are designed to be integrated with all industry platforms.


Chetu partners with businesses for personalized software development, using real-time communication to help partners improve their workflow acceleration, operation optimization and revenue boosts through software tailored for business needs.


US: (954) 342 5676

B2B Marketers Sound Off: What’s Working In ABM During & Post-COVID-19?

With many businesses pivoting marketing strategies and canceling events due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining an ABM strategy in the B2B market is becoming increasingly more challenging. Despite the unknowns, keeping the engagement engine running with ABM is still a viable opportunity for businesses looking to build momentum during this difficult time.

New Alyce Gifting Tool Aims To Make Tactile Marketing Personal & Measurable

Alyce, an AI-powered gifting platform, has launched Swag SelectTM, a new solution designed to help marketers personalize gifts to potential clients and keep track of them during delivery, avoiding undelivered packages and no visibility into their impact.

With the new addition to the Alyce platform, customers will be equipped to expand the core value of Alyce across the customer journey, according to the company. Swag Select is designed to streamline gifting by enabling users to:

  • Track a package by individual, allowing senders to measure and attribute the influence of each mailer on pipeline; and
  • Send premium swag items from the Alyce catalog and third-party swag suppliers in a customer marketplace.

{loadpostion GIAA} “The current state of the world is fundamentally forcing companies to rethink sales and marketing right now and the entire approach they are taking,” said Greg Segall, CEO of Alyce in a statement. “That includes how companies manage swag, which has been broken for a long time. Swag Select is an extension of the Alyce platform that helps companies create stronger personal bonds with everyone they do business with, while helping businesses save time, money and the environment.”

Alyce found that companies spend an average of $185,000 on swag per year, with no real way of gauging ROI. With Swag SelectTM, every item of swag delivered is tracked to a specific individual, so companies can measure and attribute the influence the selected swag has on a company’s pipeline and customer base.

“As the digital space becomes more saturated than ever before, marketers are looking to break through the clutter while ensuring the highest impact across every program,” said Blake Grubbs, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Alyce. “Swag Select gives full transparency into the ROI of swag, allowing marketers to measure and report on swag across different use cases, which was never before possible.”

Folloze Study Reveals Link Between Personalization & Growth; Launches AI-Powered Platform

More than three-fourths (77%) of B2B sales and marketing professionals believe personalized marketing experiences make for better customer relationships, according to new research from Propeller Insights and sponsored by Folloze, a provider of a personalization platform for B2B marketers. In addition, more than half (55%) of the 205 sales and marketing professionals surveyed said marketing personalization leads to higher sales conversion rates and future growth.

ZoomInfo Expands Sales & Marketing Certifications

ZoomInfo, a provider of market intelligence solutions, announced new certifications to demonstrate knowledge in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), cold calling, storytelling, sales and marketing alignment, campaign personalization and email marketing, according to the announcement.

Strong Use Cases Emerging For AI-Powered Marketing Applications

The addition of artificial intelligence (AI) to the traditional marketing ecosystem can help businesses leverage real-time customer interactions to automate routine tasks and personalize responses to convert more leads. Many tools in the marketing tech stack — including marketing automation, customer relationship management systems and content management platforms — incorporate AI to some degree already, and it is becoming more pervasive.

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