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Demandbase Raises $175M In New Financing

Demandbase, a go-to-market company, announced $175 million in financing from Vista Credit Partners to support its next wave of platform innovation.

The financing comes on the heels of the several enhancements Demandbase made to its platform throughout 2022, such as:

“We’re incredibly energized by this financing, which will enable us to execute on the big plans we have in store for new innovation and growth,” said Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase, in a statement. “Our company has innovated at a record pace over the last year and shown massive potential to transform how B2B companies go to market through new offerings and enhancements to our core product. This is always important, but right now, in an economy where every company needs to do more with less, it’s essential. We're empowering teams to work smarter to achieve their revenue goals, using fewer resources and enjoying greater results.”