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Industry Author & Analyst Rebecca Lieb On Content That Contributes To The Bottom Line

1liebrContent marketing strategy today, particularly in the B2B sphere, is complicated. You need substantive content distributed in multiple channels that will grab the attention of and connect with easily distracted prospects. You also need to know if that content is working for or against you by measuring its effectiveness.

This topic is the focal point of B2B Content Metrics & KPIs You Can Take To The C-Suite, a keynote presentation at the B2B Marketing Exchange, in Scottsdale, Ariz. on Feb. 21, by Rebecca Lieb, strategic advisor, research analyst and author.

In this event preview Q&A, Lieb discusses why B2B marketers need to measure their content marketing efforts in pure ROI terms. She also provides actionable tips and strategies marketers can use to improve content strategy.

Demand Gen Report: Can you give us a preview of the content ROI tips and insights you plan to share at #B2BMX?

Rebecca Lieb: Sure, and to be more specific, I mean ROI outside of sales. Sales are wonderful, vital and critical, but they’re not the only way to prove the monetary value of content. I will demonstrate how companies are using content to optimize marketing initiatives, control customer care costs and even research and develop products more quickly and efficiently.

DGR: What is the biggest trend in content marketing in 2017 that will have an impact on B2B marketing initiatives?

RL: I hope it will be a trend in defining content strategy before executing content marketing. That means determining what you’ll do and why you’ll do it. Establishing process, KPIs, measurement and discipline around the execution. Without business reasons and rules, why bother?

DGR: In your advisory role, what common themes do you see in marketers’ challenges with their content marketing efforts?

RL: Honestly, the most common theme is “everyone’s got this down except us.” Content is demanding and marketers are like ducks: serene on the surface but furiously paddling under the water line. Content is hard, but everyone thinks it’s harder for them than for their peers and competitors. That’s where the strategy part comes in. I help brands develop repeatable processes to get content done.

DGR: What is one way marketers can begin to improve content strategy that can be implemented relatively quickly?

RL: So many marketers don’t apply metrics and KPIs to their marketing initiatives. I think that’s because they think that once they make those rules, they’re stuck with them until the end of time. Guess what? They’re not! You can change stuff! You’re allowed to. I give you permission to. But if you don’t start somewhere, you won’t have anything to change. So baby steps. Please—measure something and see where it takes you.