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Is ABM A Fad?

1millerAt a recent industry event, the above question was posed by marketers and industry observers, who wondered out loud where the account-based marketing train was actually headed. It’s certainly a question worth pondering, especially as the marketing-tech world has become awash with buzz-worthy new technologies promising all manner of sales, revenue and AI-powered Nirvana.

Marketo Unveils Expanded ABM Offerings, New UI At Marketing Nation Summit

Marketo announced new features to its ABM offering designed to better align marketing and sales teams on account data, as well as enhance account engagement across channels. The company also unveiled new user interface (UI) updates to its marketing engagement platform, which the company states will help customers better analyze and leverage behavioral data obtained through their marketing initiatives.

ABM + AI = True One-To-One Marketing

PeterAccount-based marketing (ABM) has become a powerful way for B2B marketers to connect with their most valuable customers and prospects, and many companies are beginning to implement it throughout the organization. The latest buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), and the combination of AI and ABM, are intriguing to many marketing organizations as well, but the process of combining the two can be intimidating.

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